Entrance Requirements

PGA of Canada Membership


All individuals wishing to join the Association will be required to enter the PACE program. Only Class "A" Members are voting members. Entrance requirements to become a Candidate for Membership are:

  • 18 years old
  • High School Diploma or Equivalent
  • Employment in the Golf Industry
  • National Orientation
  • Police Check with BackCheck
  • Playing Ability Test (PAT)
  • Zone orientation (optional as determined by zone)
  • Formal education can be started before passing the PAT. All other items will be completed as a Candidate for Membership

Candidates for Membership will be required to complete the PGA of Canada Instructor of Beginner Golfers workshop within the stipulated timelines as established by the National Board of Directors to be eligible to instruct golf.

The card issued to Candidates for Membership will signify PGA of Canada Candidate for Membership.

Zone tournament playing privileges will be at the discretion of the Zone.

National Orientation

All Applicants wishing to become a Candidate for Membership will be required to complete an on-line National Orientation, which will require the applicant to sign off that they have completed. Information will be available on the PGA of Canada website:

  • History of the PGA of Canada
  • Police Check
  • Employment in the Golf Industry
  • Dues Structures and categories of membership
  • Insurance & Liability Issues
  • Important Dates and deadlines
  • PGA of Canada Code of Professional Practice
  • Professionalism
  • PGA of Canada Core Competency Golf Modules
  • Long Term Player Development
  • Members Benefits Program is highlighted in Video
  • Teaching & Coaching Certification Program Information
  • Amateur Status
  • PAT
  • PAT exemptions
  • National and Zone leaders/contacts
Zone Orientation

Additional zone information can be provided at an optional zone orientation.

Criminal Background Check

All Candidates for Membership will be subjected to a standard screening to ensure compatibility given their involvement with our youth which will be conducted by a third party company.