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Annual PGA Atlantic Pro-Junior

What a special day! The Abercrombie Country Club opened its doors for 88 young golfers to enjoy this wonderful game of golf. Twenty-nine teams of junior golfers accompanied by their PGA Professionals enjoyed a fun day.

Host PGA Professional Jon Garron and the Abercrombie Country Club were wonderful hosts with lots of food, drinks and prizes for all of the junior players. The pro shop staff including Julia Henderson and Clifford Tye were extremely supportive of our next generation of golfers.

Stephanie Best and her son Carson kept the barbeque going with all players enjoying a great deal of food and drinks. The staff in the dining room were great with the kids. Kimberley Garron who handled the registration and pictures was very popular especially when handing out the ice cream!

The day was more about fun however the competition resulted one of the host teams winning the event with junior team members Taylor Long, Cullen Park, Cayden MacDonald captained by Julia Henderson.

Winning Team ... Juniors Taylor Long, Cullen Park, Cayden MacDonald (Front); Jon Garron (PGA Atlantic Vice President; Host Professional), Team Captain Julia Henderson and Todd Bishop (Dormie Workshop) (Back)

The teams from Westfield G&CC consisting of juniors Margaret Quinn, Chris Hachey, Jack Bailey, Francis Quinn, Liam Robson, and Matt Tulip with PGA Professional Steve Leblanc and Braden Duffley travelled the furthest.

All of the junior players enjoyed a great first tee gift as well as each of them taking home at least one prize.

A special thank you to Sunice for their outstanding contribution to PGA Atlantic Junior programming and G&G Golf as a supporting sponsor provided caps for all of the juniors.

Thank you to the many industry partners who contributed to the success of the event with donated prizes including Sobeys, Big 8, Pepsi, Bridgestone, Callaway, Titleist, TaylorMade, Mizuno, Nike and Ping.

Special prizes were also given for the following:

Closest to the Hole
#5 Cullen Park, Abercrombie (Pee Wee)
#5 Jonah Vidito, Ken-Wo (Boys)
#8 Ben Callaghan, Abercrombie (Boys)
#8 Meghan McLean, Ken-Wo (Girls)
#10 Jack Bailey, Westfield
#15 Jonah Vidito, Ken-Wo

Longest Putt
#9 Jake Smith, Ashburn

Longest Drive
#7 Ben Chasse, Oakfield
#11 Megan McLean, Ken-Wo (Girls)
#18 Brett Hall, Digby (Pee Wee)


Thank you to our partner Chronogolf who conducted the chipping completion and provided prizes.

Thomas Sutherland, Glen Arbour
Michael Goodyear, Kingswood
Francis Quinn, Westfield
Michael McKenzie, Brightwood
Jonah Vidito, Ken-Wo
Luke Cooper, Ashburn
Sahil Dalrymple, Kingswood
Chris Hachey, Westfield
Dillon Macleod, Abercrombie
Josh Temple, Abercrombie

Thomas Sutherland, Glen Arbour
Jonah Vidito, Ken-Wo
Josh Temple, Abercrombie

The camaraderie and sportsmanship demonstrated by our young golfers illustrates that not only is the future of our game alive and well but that it is in extremely good hands. The PGA Professionals clearly enjoyed the day as much as their young golfers.



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