An Overview

The PGA of Canada PACE Program


The PACE Program was developed by the PGA of Canada to ensure standardized training of its members so they are fully qualified to meet the challenges, requirements and expectations within the golf industry.

The following core belief statements were considered in developing and evaluating the future direction for professional advancement and recognition within the PGA of Canada:

  • The PGA of Canada is an association of golf professionals who develop the business and sport of golf.
  • The PGA of Canada is a knowledge-based association.
  • The PGA of Canada supports the employ-ability of members, not necessarily the employment of members.
  • The PGA of Canada recognizes employment that supports and develops the business or sport of golf.
  • The PGA of Canada views evaluation as an affirmation of competencies gained through life-long training and education.
  • The PGA of Canada supports members at the entry, development and exit stage of their career.
How We Work

The Purpose of the PGA of Canada PACE Program


Ensure that all members of the PGA of Canada have standardized training and knowledge of the golf industry.


Support the professional development of our members throughout their careers.


Enhance career opportunities by offering a system that will improve and simplify the employment process.


Encourage and celebrate continued development in a specialized field.

PGA of Canada

Class "A" Core Requirements:

Formal Education
  • 3 year Business Diploma or PGM Diploma or a University Degree with a Business major and,
  • PGA of Canada Core Competency Golf Modules


  • University Degree other than Business or 2 year Diploma in any discipline,
  • 1 year Business Certificate from an accredited college or the Golf Management Institute of Canada online Diploma,
  • and PGA of Canada Core Competency Golf Modules

Work experience component must be obtained by working within the Golf Industry. A Candidate for Membership must obtain a minimum of 3,000 hours of relevant workplace time during their training. Current PGA of Canada categories will be accepted. All other positions must be approved by the National “Membership Committee. All Candidates for Membership will be required to work in the golf industry until Class “A” status is obtained.

Completion of Core Competency Modules including:
  • Golf Operations & Club Services
  • Turf Management
  • Tournament Operations & Event Planning
  • Retail Management
  • Food & Beverage

Candidate is required to work closely with qualified PGA of Canada Class “A” Professionals.

Evaluated based on the demonstration of knowledge through preparation of an independent research project.

Teaching & Coaching Certification Program (TCCP)

All Candidates for Membership must obtain certified status in Instructor Beginner and Instructor Intermediate Golfers contexts to obtain their Class “A” status.

Rules of Golf

Successful completion ... Level II Golf Canada “Rules of Golf”.

Club Fitting

Successful completion of the PGA of Canada recognized club-fitting program.

Class “A” Member (Recognized Certification)

Upon becoming a Class “A” Member of the PGA of Canada, our members will be encouraged to gain specific Certifications relative to their desired career path to increase opportunities and employability within the golf industry.

Class “A” Members with Certifications will be expected to be current and this can be achieved through continued Professional Development. Maintaining your Certification will require regular upgrading through a form of testing and/or seminars. Any new developments within your Certification will be presented and demonstration of your knowledge will be required.

Certifications have been identified and the requirements are minimums. All Certificate, Diploma or Degree Programs must be pre-approved by the PGA of Canada.

Class “A” Certifications include:
  • Golf Shop Operations
  • Golf Management
  • Instruction
  • Coaching
  • Rules
  • Playing
  • Equipment Technology
  • Club Maker/Club Repair
  • Turf Management
  • Architecture & Design
  • Retail Management
  • Financial Management
  • Food & Beverage
  • Event Management
  • Communications
  • Human Resources
  • Marketing
  • Sales